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Brexit & Driving

If you are living in Ireland and driving in Ireland on a UK Driver’s Licence, then you must apply to the RSA to exchange your licence for an Irish one before the 31st December 2020. After the 31st December, due to Brexit, UK driver’s licences are no longer valid in Ireland and you may have to apply for a learner permit if you wish to continue to drive in Ireland. The RSA recommend that people apply to exchange their licence as soon as possible as they anticipate there could be significant delays in processing applications, especially due to Covid restrictions. This applies also to Northern Irish licences but if you are resident in Northern Ireland you can continue to drive in the Republic of Ireland with your Northern Irish licence under existing international law. The UK has indicated that it will continue to recognise EU licences so Irish citizens can drive in the UK, 

For further information, see the NDLS website below

3rd December 2020