Criminal Solicitor Dublin

Michael Staines speaks at Chief Justice's 'Criminal Justice' Day

Michael Staines was honoured to be invited by the Chief Justice to speak at the 'Criminal Justice' day at the Criminal Courts of Justice, Dublin on 10th July 2019.


Each year, during the Trinity legal term, the Chief Justice hosts students a one-month internship programme that provides two students from each of the seven Irish universities with the opportunity to be placed with a judge of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court.


There is also an international element to the programme, which involves the participation of four students of Fordham university, New York, two students of Bangor University, Wales and, for the first time last year, two students of the University of Missouri, Kansas City.  


Michael Staines addressed the group together with Ann Marie Lawlor SC and Joe Holt BL at the Criminal Courts of Justice and gave an insight into his over forty years' experience in criminal law.