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Sexual Offences

The criminal courts deal on a daily basis with those individuals accused of sexual abuse, rape, historical sexual abuse and the viewing, production and dissemination of child pornography. Michael J Staines and Company have acted for individuals accused of such offences in the District Court, Circuit Court and Central Criminal Court for over thirty years. The firm has also brought Judicial Review proceedings in the Superior Courts for a number of clients in relation prejudice and delay arising from very old alleged offences - see for example  DPP v MU [2010] IEHC 156 where the firm successfully prevented an accused's trial for offences committed more than forty years earlier.

Owing to our extensive experience, we are in a position to assess and evaluate cases clinically and comprehensively and to work with other professionals in challenging the case put forward by the Gardai and Director of Public Prosecutions. We work with domestic and international forensic scientists in assessing the evidence together with other professionals in determining issues of recovered memory.
For any individual against whom allegations of sexual nature have been made, it is essential that early legal advice is sought from one of our team of expert solicitors. 


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Sexual Offences