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Road Traffic Law

Our specialist team of driving and motor offence solicitors act in all matters related to Road Traffic law, including speeding, NCT, tax, insurance, careless driving and dangerous driving offences. 

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Drink & Drug Driving Specialists:

Michael J Staines & Company Solicitors are a leading authority in the defence of drink and drug driving prosecutions. In the case of DPP v Avadenei, the firm successfully argued that the printed statement produced following the Evidenzer test conducted on our client was not valid because it was in English only. On 21st September 2015, Mr. Justice Seamus Noonan in the High Court agreed.  The case is currently under appeal. 

Contact our specialist Drink Driving Defence Solicitors now for further details on defending your drink driving case or dealing with a drink driving appeal .


Appeal of a Driving Disqualification

If you have been convicted of a motoring offence and disqualified from driving in the District Court you can appeal the disqualification to the Circuit Court. You must lodge the Appeal within 14 days of the conviction.


Restoration of a Driving Licence

If you are intending to apply for a restoration of your driving licence you can apply after half the term has expired. If the court decides to restore your licence early to you, you will not get your licence back until two thirds of the ban has expired or two years whichever is the lesser.

You will need to contact the National Drivers Licence Service (076 108 7880) and get a letter confirming:-

  • The date of the disqualification
  • How long the disqualification is for
  • What you were disqualified for
  • A list of previous disqualifications
  • Name and station of Prosecuting Guard

Before you can apply for a restoration you must have:-

  • Paid any fine attached to the conviction
  • Surrendered your license to the Motor Tax Office
  • Informed your Insurance Company of the disqualification. Where you are not insured you must get a letter from an Insurance Company stating that the insurance company has been made aware of the disqualification and will be willing to quote you once your licence is restored.

Where you have more than one disqualification in a ten year period, the law states in general terms that you cannot make an application to have your licenced restored early and you will have to serve the full ban. There may be an exception to this. Contact our Driving Offence Solicitor now for further details on your motor offence and restoration.


Road Traffic Law